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Understanding Pricing Increases for HVAC Services

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Recent pricing increases from HVAC manufacturers mean that the industry as a whole is going through a lot of changes, and you might have a lot of questions. The team at Chesterfield Service explains the changes you can expect to see from our service increases. We explain why this is, where you can expect to see increases, and how you can prepare for HVAC service.

Why Are We Seeing HVAC Service and Parts Price Increases?

It seems like everything is getting more expensive recently, and it’s true. COVID-19 restrictions caused a pause in many sectors of manufacturing, but demand for these services only increased. With many people working from home, they had more time to think about their indoor air quality and their HVAC system functionality, so they called for more service to be done on their HVAC systems. It’s not just COVID-19 that has interrupted the supply chain; The conflict in Ukraine and Russia has also affected the movement of critical heating and cooling components as well.

Many HVAC manufacturers have raised their prices multiple times throughout 2021, and more price increases are set to take place in 2022. In the past, we’ve seen HVAC manufacturers increase their prices once a year, but because of increased demand and decreased supply, prices have risen from major suppliers and brands at least once a quarter. The reasons for these changes are because of a variety of factors including transportation costs, increased labor rates, raw materials costs, and changes to processes. Here are some known price increases that particular affect HVAC contractors:

  • The cost of diesel has increased, which powers our vehicles to your location. We need to account for these additional transportation costs.
  • Raw materials have gone up in price. HVAC systems use sheet metal, lumber, copper, and aluminum which have all seen major price increases.
  • Semiconductor chip shortages have impacted the creation of new vehicles as well as variable-speed HVAC systems.
  • R-22 or freon is very expensive, and other more economical refrigerants, like R-410a, come from China. Anti-dumping tariffs imposed by the U.S. Government have caused the cost to go up over time.

Price Increases From Many HVAC Brands

At Chesterfield Service, we service HVAC systems of all kinds, but we sell Bryant air conditioners and HVAC systems. Bryant is owned by Carrier, which has increased its prices every quarter since June 2021. So you might wonder if there is simply another cheaper option.

Unfortunately, there isn’t. Every major HVAC manufacturer has also had price increases. Brands like Trane, Lennox, and AAON have also raised their prices on all HVAC equipment and parts. If we could find a cheaper way to help our customers, we would. However, the short supply of so many raw materials and manufacturing changes have caused issues for every HVAC manufacturer, not just the high-quality ones. We want our customers to be satisfied with the parts and service they receive, and that means quality materials and parts so your fixes will last.

How to Plan for Pricing Increases on HVAC Services

If you have an older air conditioner that still uses R-22, you may want to consider getting a new air conditioner or talk to your HVAC contractor about changing the type of refrigerant used in your unit. R-22, or freon, has been phased out of newer air conditioners, and now with inflation, R-22 is in very short supply, making repairs involving R-22 very expensive.

Other types of refrigerants, like R-410a, have been also in higher demand. Luckily, refrigerant is not consumable and your cooling system shouldn’t need additional refrigerant. A fully charged system should not need “topping off,” and if it does, it means there is a leak present.

The best thing you can do for your HVAC system to prepare yourself for price increases is to make sure your unit is maintained properly and works as long as possible to avoid having to purchase a new unit. Now is the time to schedule your spring maintenance with Chesterfield Service. Staying up on maintenance is one of the best ways to maintain your HVAC system so its lasts as long as possible. If your heating and cooling equipment is older, talk to your professional HVAC technician and ask them how long they expect your unit to last. This can help give you the means to start saving money for when a new system needs to be installed.

It’s also a good idea to maintain your HVAC unit, because if you do need a repair, getting the replacement parts might take longer than usual. Be sure to schedule your spring maintenance now because if your heating and air conditioning technician finds that repairs are needed, it’s better to do them in the early spring when you might not have your air conditioning turned on yet. This will provide plenty of time for parts to arrive and be installed before you need your air conditioner to start keeping you cool.

At Chesterfield Service, we understand that air conditioning and heating services aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. They keep your home comfortable, and being without either could become a dangerous situation. Despite how high prices increase, we are still dedicated to making sure your home is comfortable and we can help make it more affordable. Chesterfield Service offers flexible financing options for homeowners that are in need of extensive repairs or new unit installation. Contact us today to find out more.

Call Chesterfield Service for HVAC Service

We don’t want to scare you into thinking that you should wait for increasing prices to go down to fix your HVAC system. Quite the opposite. We don’t know when prices will go down, so sooner is better than later for your HVAC repairs because if you wait, the manufacturer’s prices might go up again.

Click here to read the official response from our owners Chris and Travis Seeger about these price increases. Then, contact us to schedule an appointment for repairs or spring maintenance. You can trust the team at Chesterfield Service to be open and honest with you. Call us today to see how we can help with your heating and air conditioning service needs.