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When your microwave has stopped working properly, don’t automatically assume you have to replace it. Trashing an appliance that hasn’t outlived its usefulness is a waste of a valuable asset and adds needlessly to overflowing landfills. You’ve invested in a quality appliance, so maintaining it properly can be key to prolonging the life of your microwave oven. Microwaves tend to last 7-10 years, and if you find you haven’t had your microwave for very long and it’s not working, it may be worth it to repair it so you can continue to get the most out of it. 

You can save yourself time and money by calling the appliance repair experts from Chesterfield Service. Our team will schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. We will stop by your home, inspect your appliance, and get your microwave running again quickly. It’s that simple.

Common Signs You Microwave Needs Repairs

Some microwave issues are more noticeable than others, but if you observe any of the following, you might want to get your microwave checked out by the pros.

Microwave Will Not Run 

If your microwave will not turn on, first make sure that is plugged in properly and that the outlet is providing electricity. Go to your electrical panel and see if the breaker has been tripped. Issues that may require repair from a certified microwave repair service include a malfunctioning door switch or a broken fuse. 

Microwave Not Heating When Running

When a microwave runs, but doesn’t heat, the problem is most likely an issue with either the microwave’s high voltage diode or magnetron. The heat needed to cook food is produced by the magnetron, and the high voltage diode powers the magnetron. Although these parts can be replaced, they are hard to access within the microwave unit. An experienced Microwave repair service technician should be able to resolve the issue.

Non-Responsive Touchpad

Your touchpad allows you to program a variety of cooking functions. A faulty membrane switch or control board can cause a touchpad to become unresponsive. This is not the type of repair to do yourself because it is difficult to fix. 

Tray Not Turning 

Don’t let your food cook improperly by continuing to use your microwave when the tray isn’t turning. First check and see if there is a cracked or broken roller guide. The roller guide is what rests under the glass tray, and you can replace a roller guide yourself. If that isn’t the problem, the issue may a broken drive motor or drive motor coupler. A professional can assist with this repair.

Microwave Exhaust Fan Not Operating

Although an over-the-range microwave installed above your cooking range is handy, it does pose some challenging repair problems. If the exhaust fan underneath stops working, there might be an issue with clogged filters. When filters become clogged from airborne pollutants and grease, they prevent the fan from running. If filters are clear and the problem persists, the issue may be with the fan motor in the microwave. This is a job best left to the appliance repair specialists.

Microwave Makes Excessive Noise 

If your microwave is making unusual or excessive noise, problems can range from a faulty drive motor, magnetron, high voltage diode, cooling fan, or roller guide. An expert may need to If your microwave is noisy and over 10 years old, it’s time to consider replacing it.

Why Choose Chesterfield Service

You already trust us with your home heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Why not let us offer you the same expert care in repairing your home appliances? Our Chesterfield Service team is well known for the excellent service we have provided to Missouri families since 1976.

With thousands of reviews praising our outstanding service and friendly customer support, it’s easy to see why the Chesterfield, MO community trusts Chesterfield Service for all of their home service needs. Experience the Chesterfield Service difference and call us today for microwave repairs.

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We know how to keep your microwave running and are ready to help with your repair needs. For affordable and dependable microwave oven repair service in Chesterfield, MO, call Chesterfield Service today. You’ll be glad you did.