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The Benefits Of Better Water

We use water every day, not just to drink. If you don’t like the taste of the water that comes from the tap, you buy bottled water, unfortunately, you can’t use bottled water to shower, or do laundry. Addressing the issue of poor water quality in your entire home will have more benefits than you may realize. 

Taste & Smell

Water that tastes and smells bad can be gross. Even if you avoid drinking it, you may notice that food that’s cooked in the water also tastes weird, or that your clothes have an odor to them. When you improve the quality of water in your home, you’ll notice that when you make coffee, tea, or juice it tastes better. When you boil vegetables or other foods in water, they will also taste better. 

Cleaner Dishes, Skin, Clothes, and Hair

Water that has extra minerals and other contaminants in it doesn’t react as well with soap. When you treat the water in your Chesterfield area home, you’ll notice that your soap will make more suds and it will take less soap when you wash your hair, body, clothes, or dishes. Not only that, the deposits that you used to see in toilets, glass shower walls, and on silverware and glasses will no longer be an issue. 

Longer Lasting Appliances and Plumbing

The deposits and contaminants in water build up in your plumbing system and in the water spouts of water using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Over time, these clogs can cause your appliances to die prematurely or cause leaks in your plumbing. A water quality system in your home not only stops these contaminants from building up but can also help remove existing ones as well. 

Save Money

If you’re drinking bottled water constantly because you don’t like the taste of the water in your Chesterfield home, a water filtration and softener system will make you enjoy drinking from the tap again. You can save lots of money on bottled water, which is better for your wallet and the environment. You may also notice that you’ll need to use less soap in the shower, so you won’t need to buy new bottles of shampoo as frequently. 

Water Filtration Systems

You never know what is in your water, and having an extra layer of filtration is never a bad thing. 

Water filtration can remove harmful contaminants and disinfection byproducts such as heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic from your drinking water. Water filters will remove many tiny particles that made it through your municipal water treatment while retaining good minerals like magnesium, calcium, fluoride, and zinc. 

A water filtration system is attached to your home’s main water line. As water flows into the home, it swirls through the filter and then moves through to the rest of the house. There is a variety of different methods for water filtration, and some homes may need more than a water filter for additional filtration protection. 

To know what is best for your home, the team at Chesterfield Service can run a water quality test on your home’s water. From there we can make recommendations on what kind, what size, and how many water filters you would need to improve your home’s water. 

Halo Water Softening Systems

Many homes rely on water-softening systems to improve the taste and performance of their home’s water. Water softening systems are different from water filtration systems. Filtration systems don’t filter out magnesium and calcium which commonly cause hard water. 

However, many water-softening systems rely on a salt brine to soften water. While the water is safe, many people with heart conditions worry about how the salt in their water affects them. Many elderly people cannot lift big bags of salt to refill their canisters on a regular basis. 

Halo water softening systems are different. They do not require salt and instead use Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and High Activity Carbon (HAC) to filter the water. This high-density granular filtration media can filter down more effectively than salt and is extremely effective at removing water turbidity. 

Many people feel that traditional water softeners leave their water feeling slimy or have a chlorine taste. With the Halo Water Softener, you do not experience these issues with your home’s water. The water that comes out of the tap will be crystal clear and great tasting, plus you’ll receive all the normal benefits of water softening like fewer spots on dishes, better soap activation, and money-saving opportunities. Actually, since you don’t need to buy bags of salt with the Halo water softener, you might save even more money!

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When learning about water quality systems for your Chesterfield, MO home, it’s often not a one-or-the-other situation. Many homes have both a water softener and water filtration system so they feel confident that they are drinking the best water possible. If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of water in your home, talk to the experienced plumbers at Chesterfield Service today to learn more about our water quality systems.