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Heat Pump Maintenance

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How Often Should I Have Heat Pump Maintenance Service?

To catch problems before they progress and to keep your heat pump in ideal condition, it is critical that you have routine maintenance services performed on your heating and cooling equipment. While you may be tempted to forego this service to keep your costs down, you should never skip any type of heat pump maintenance.

Heat pumps should be inspected annually, or twice a year if they are used for both heating and cooling. Since heat pumps provide the heating and cooling power of a furnace and air conditioner in one, they need to be inspected as often as your furnace and air conditioning unit would.

You should have your heat pump serviced once in the fall before you turn it on for the winter, and again in the spring before you start needing it to cool your home. Having regular maintenance performed before the harsh winter weather conditions start will provide you with reliable heating all winter long. The brutal summer months in Chesterfield, MO would be unbearable without a properly working cooling unit. Staying on top of regular maintenance is key for year-round comfort.

What Are The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

By now you know that heat pump maintenance seems mostly like a preventative measure, and that’s true. The best way to avoid heat pump failure is by staying on top of regular maintenance so your certified HVAC technician can find and fix potential issues before they become worse. During maintenance, the technician will also clean your heat pump, inspect your outdoor unit, clean your evaporator coil, and lubricate all pieces and parts. After your appointment, you may notice some other benefits:

Better Energy Efficiency

The goal of your certified technicians’ service is to restore your heat pump to its factory settings. This means bringing it back to maximum efficiency. This helps you save energy while keeping cool. If you’ve noticed a recent spike in your energy bills, having your heat pump serviced will find the cause of the issue and correct it so your system will operate efficiently again.

Longer Lifespan

The average life expectancy of a heat pump is 15-20 years. Getting 20 years out of your heat pump is only possible if you maintain it and have it serviced regularly. The better you take care of your heat pump, the longer it will last.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As part of your heat pump maintenance, your Chesterfield Service technician will change your air filter. Air filters not only help with your indoor air quality but also prevent dust and debris from building up inside your heat pump. When your air filtration system is clogged, your heat pump will not be able to get the sufficient airflow it needs. Change your air filter every 90 days or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your heat pump working properly.

Lower Energy Bills

When your heat pump operates efficiently, it will need less energy to make your home comfortable. You’ll see this reflected in lower energy bills. If you love to save money, then staying on top of maintenance is key. If you’re worried about how much heat pump maintenance costs, it’s often offset by how much you save on your energy bills.

24/7 Emergency Heat Pump Service

No heat in the winter? No cool air during heat waves? These are heat pump emergencies! Chesterfield Service offers 24/7 emergency service so if there’s ever a problem, you know who you can depend on for help. For decades, our professionals have been there to support you and we vow to continue doing so because you are our valued customer.

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Sign Up For Our Maintenance Program

Remembering to schedule service for heat pump maintenance is often difficult. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you probably don’t worry about your heat pump until you notice a problem. But regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your heat pump is always supplying your home with sufficient heating power all winter long.

The best way to keep up to date with heat pump maintenance is by becoming part of our service plan maintenance program. With discounted rates, regular maintenance reminders, and priority service, you’ll see exceptional value when you sign up for our service agreements. Talk to us today to learn more.


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