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How Does A Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

A sewer camera is a valuable tool that plumbing professionals use to identify pipe and drain issues. When you schedule a sewer camera inspection with Chesterfield Service, we’ll use our state of the art plumbing camera to give us eyes in places that we cannot easily see.

A sewer camera looks like a plumber snake, a small camera on the end of a long wire. This wire can navigate deep within your plumbing system and along all the twists and turns that pipes take. Your plumber will have an LCD screen to show them what they’re seeing.

An inspection can help identify the extent of plumbing problems you’re potentially facing. The sewer camera can go down your drain, or in the sewer access pipe of your home. As the camera travels through your pipes it can identify signs of corrosion, major blockages, and damages from outside sources like tree routes. Following the inspection, your drain specialist will recommend what steps you need to take to avoid a plumbing disaster in the near future.

When Should I Have A Sewer Line Camera Inspection Done?

Sewer line inspections aren’t a service you need done regularly. Depending on your home’s landscape, there are a few factors which can prompt you to consider having one performed: 

Before Buying a Home (Especially an Older One)

Home inspections before you move into a new house are a great idea and something we highly recommend. A normal home inspection does not include a sewer inspection oddly enough. You’d hate to move into a new home only to discover you need to replace your sewer line.

Having a sewer inspection done before you move into a new home is generally a smart idea, especially if you’re considering purchasing a home that is 50 years or older. This is because pipes were built with different materials 50 years ago, and there is a higher chance that your sewer line should be replaced with a more modern material or there is more corrosion based on its age. 

Clay Pipes

Some areas have clay or cast iron pipes for their sewer lines. This is an outdated practice as clay and cast iron pipes do not last as long as modern pvc pipes. These older pipes will often rust and break, creating cracks and holes. 

Sewer Backup Issues

If your drains are backing up in your house, it’s usually a tell-tale sign that you’re having sewer line issues. Call for an inspection right away. 

Lots of Big Trees in the Front Yard

Besides age, another common reason for sewer line issues are tree roots. If you have multiple trees in your front yard, or one or two very large trees, your chances of having pipe damage from tree roots is more likely. Tree roots grow towards moisture, which is inside your pipes! Once the pipe is full of roots, it will be blocked. 

1-2 Years if you own an Older Home

Sewer lines for older homes might be nearing the end of their lifespan. This is because of the materials they were made of, as well as their age. If you already live in an older home and haven’t had your sewer line inspected in many years, it’s a good idea to have this service performed regularly to stay ahead of potential problems and budget for a potential sewer line repair. 

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

Cameras on our cars, doorbells, and phones have made our lives easier. The same is true for plumbers. Cameras prevent plumbers from getting dirty crawling around in a sewer or accessing small, tight, spaces. But the benefits don’t stop there – some other reasons you might want to consider a sewer camera inspection include:

Locates Problems Easily

Video camera inspections can easily spot the issues that are plaguing your sewer line. We can make an accurate diagnosis quickly with our advanced technology. 

Prevents Future Damage

Once we see what’s wrong with your sewer line, we can make recommendations on how to fix it. This might involve a sewer clearing, repairs or drain cleaning, but we’ll know exactly where the damage is. 

Eliminates Excessive Digging

Without a sewer camera, the only way a plumber can inspect your sewer line with the same accuracy would be to dig up your sewer pipe. These pipes often travel through your front yard right up to your house and could be under driveways, sidewalks, or beautiful landscaping.

If you schedule a sewer inspection with Chesterfield Service, and there is nothing wrong with your sewer line, our camera helps prevent us from causing damage to your lawn by inspecting it, rather than digging up your lawn unnecessarily. 

Saves Money

When you are proactive with sewer line rupture prevention and general plumbing repairs, issues can be found and dealt with ahead of time, rather than waiting for a rupture.

If our plumbers see a potential problem, we can clear your drains and deal with issues before they cause extensive damage. This will save you lots of money in repair costs, emergency service bills, and repairing your front lawn following the repairs. 

Flexible Financing Available

Replacing a sewer line can be quite expensive, but a necessary endeavor. Chesterfield Service offers flexible financing options with approved credit to help to make necessary repairs affordable for everyone in Chesterfield, MO.

Contact Chesterfield Service To Prevent Sewer Line Issues

The average sewer line replacement can cost anywhere between $50-$250 per foot. When you multiply that by the number of feet between your house and the street, the cost can add up pretty quickly. Then add materials and yard repair, and you’re looking at a pretty expensive, but necessary service bill from start to finish.

Save yourself money, time, and peace of mind by having a sewer camera inspection in Chesterfield, MO. Call Chesterfield Service to schedule plumbing services today.