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Electric Furnaces

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There are four main types of furnaces:

  • Propane: These systems use propane to fuel your furnace. About 10% of households use propane furnaces, usually when gas and oil aren’t easy to find in the area.
  • Oil: Oil furnaces are less expensive and efficient than natural gas furnaces. They’re most common in the northeast.
  • Natural gas: Highly efficient, this fuel source powers heating in almost half of American homes.
  • Electric: An electric furnace is typically the easiest on a budget and is becoming more popular.

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Electric furnaces don’t use gas to produce electricity. They use electric heating elements instead of gas, oil, or propane burners. Air is pulled in, crosses through a heat exchanger, and is pushed out the other side into your home.

Benefits of electric furnaces include:

  • Affordability, with some units only half the cost of a natural gas furnace
  • Simplified installation
  • Longer life span of up to 10 years longer than a gas furnace
  • Greater energy efficiency than other options
  • Reduced emissions output

Tax credits up to $3,200 per year can help reduce the upfront cost of installing an efficient electric furnace. 


Turn to Chesterfield Service if you need any of these services:

  • Electric furnace installation: Installing a new heating system is always complex, so trust us to follow all manufacturer recommendations and complete a safe, efficient installation.
  • Electric furnace replacement: If you need to replace an old or broken electric furnace, we can help you select a replacement according to factors like available space, budget, and efficiency goals.
  • Electric furnace repair: While electric furnaces are generally considered reliable, Chesterfield Service is ready to identify and repair any breakdowns or malfunctions.
  • Electric furnace maintenance: Let us keep your electric furnace in service for longer with regularly scheduled maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need electric furnace maintenance?

In addition to regularly changing your filters, you should schedule furnace maintenance at least once a year for best results.


When should I call for electric furnace repair?

When your furnace isn’t producing heat, is working inefficiently, or is making unusual noises, call a professional HVAC company right away.