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Common Furnace Issues

Occasionally, you’ll need to make a service call for your furnace now and again. Regular furnace maintenance is nothing to be afraid of. Not every service call leads to the installation of a new furnace. If you’re experiencing any of the following heating system issues, call Chesterfield Service for help:

Hearing Strange Noises

Your furnace might make a noise when it kicks on and powers off, but you’re used to these noises. These are normal noises. It’s when you start hearing squealing or rumbling coming from your furnace that you should call for a heating repair. Noises are your furnace’s way of telling you something is wrong.

Thermostat Is Not Responding

Your thermostat tells your furnace when it kicks on and when to power down. If your furnace is struggling to heat your home to the set temperature, or your thermostat is not working at all, it’s time to make a service call to Chesterfield Service so we can diagnose the reason for the issue.

Noticing Odd Smells or Gas

Strange odors coming from your HVAC system could be due to a variety of things. It could be something in your ductwork like mildew, or it could even be a gas leak coming from your furnace. If something smells rotten, turn off your furnace right away and call for HVAC services right away.

Short Cycling

If your furnace turns on and then off again very rapidly and repeatedly, then your furnace is experiencing short cycling. Short cycling can be very hard on your HVAC equipment and can cause extensive damage if it’s not addressed soon enough. An experienced HVAC service technician can provide prompt service to make sure your system is working properly again.

No Heat

Having no heat isn’t just a comfort issue, it’s an emergency. Without heat, your pipes could burst and cause extensive water damage. At Chesterfield Service, we get no heat service calls all the time. The first thing we recommend is changing your air filters. If that doesn’t help, call us for heating services.

Uneven Heating

When it comes to HVAC services, it includes much more than your furnace. When rooms in your home are not heating evenly, it might be an issue with your ductwork. Call us to inspect your entire HVAC system to find the cause of the problem.

System is Constantly Running

A constantly running HVAC system could have a few possible issues. Changing your air filters, adjusting the blower settings on your thermostat or making sure your thermostat works are all things you should try first before calling any reputable Chesterfield, MO HVAC companies like Chesterfield Services. Our team is happy to respond to all your HVAC needs.

24/7 Emergency Heating Services in Chesterfield, Mo

Be sure to contact our experts who can quickly arrive to assess the severity of the situation and go over your options to resolve the issue. Our team is available for 24/7 emergency service, so don’t hesitate to reach out about any HVAC problems you are experiencing.

We are the preferred choice for furnace repairs here in Missouri because we put you first and strive to always provide excellent service. From when you first call us and request HVAC services to the completion of the repair or maintenance on your system. If your furnace is in need of replacement, we provide HVAC installation services as well. We can help you find the best furnace for your home and have it installed quickly.

Join Our Easy Maintenance Club

The best way to prevent your HVAC system from needing emergency service is to opt for routine maintenance. During this service, your technician will discover any issues during inspections and fix them before they become bigger problems. This allows you to get the problem resolved quickly and at a better price than if the problem were to become more severe down the road. During your routine maintenance, your experienced technicians will also clean your furnace and make sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

If taking care of your furnace on a regular basis is not something you think you’ll remember to do, then sign up for our Easy Maintenance Club. With our maintenance agreement, you’ll experience priority service, discounted rates, and regular HVAC maintenance visits. Ask our professionals about our beneficial service plan maintenance program!


Regardless of the type of problem you’re having with your furnace, our Chesterfield Service team here in Chesterfield, MO, can help. We have a team of well-trained, seasoned professionals who can evaluate your system, identify your HVAC problems, and get your system back in order! Give our experts a call today at 636-532-5841 or request service online.