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Electrical Panels

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Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Repairs

Electrical panels can last anywhere from 25-40 years depending on the amount of power surges it experiences, and the wear and tear it goes through over the years. If you have an older electrical panel, or you experience any of the following, it’s smart to call Chesterfield Service for electrical panel repairs.

  • Burning Odor: burning smells often mean that the plastic jacket around the electrical wiring is melting or that the wood and insulation in your walls is becoming singed. If you notice any burning odors coming from the electrical box, it’s a cause for concern. 
  • Flickering Lights: If you notice flickering lights when another appliance is turned on, it is often a sign that your electrical panel isn’t prepared for the needed power draw the room requires. 
  • Unusual Noises: Electrical panels operate silently except for the loud click they make when a breaker is flipped. Noises coming from your electrical panel often indicate that there is a bad wire or a loose electrical connection. 
  • Frequent Breaker Trips: Tripping happens when a circuit draws too much power. If this happens very frequently, it is a sign that your electrical panel lacks the capacity to allow adequate electrical power flow. 
  • Sparks: When are sparks ever a sign of something good? Sparks could indicate a number of issues, and should be addressed right away before the sparks start a fire.

All of these issues and more are reasons that your electrical panel is not operating properly or is experiencing issues. Since electricity causes many unexpected home fires, it is important to have this issue addressed quickly.

Electrical Panel Services in Chesterfield, MO

The experienced electricians at Chesterfield Service are here to help the residents of Chesterfield, MO and beyond with a variety of their electrical needs. If you find that your home and appliances struggle to work or cause trips often, our team can help with a variety of electrical solutions for your home. 

Electrical Panel Replacement

If your electrical panel is more than 25 years old, it might be a good idea to replace it. Especially if you are having frequent electrical problems. A new electrical panel can oftentimes be more energy efficient and better suited to fit your home’s electrical needs. 

Electrical Panel Repairs

Old wires, flickering lights, and strange noises are all signs that your electrical panel needs repairs. Repairing these issues sooner rather than later can help prevent electrical issues becoming worse as well as potential electrical fires. 

Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse boxes are common in older homes. The difference between a fuse box and circuit breaker is that fuses have to be replaced regularly. If you’re tired of replacing fuses, or want to update to a more modern electrical system in your home, we can replace your fuse box with a more modern electrical panel. 

Electrical Code Updates

Electrical codes change every few years for safety reasons. If you have a home that is 50 years or older, your electrical system might not be compliant with current codes. An electrician from Chesterfield Service can do a thorough inspection of your home and tell you what work needs to be done to make your home safe.

Chesterfield Service for Electrical Panel Repairs and Replacement

Sparks, burning odors, strange noises coming from your electrical panel are all cause for alarm. Ignoring these issues could lead to a fire in your home. If you are concerned that you need emergency electrical repairs, don’t sleep on it, call for help. Chesterfield Service’s electricians are available to address any electrical emergencies you may be experiencing. 

Our number one priority is keeping our friends and neighbors safe. We work throughout the Chesterfield area and beyond to update home’s electrical systems with ones that are safe and reliable. Address electrical emergencies head on with help from Chesterfield Service. 

Chesterfield Service is proud to provide reliable electrical services to all of our customers in Chesterfield, Missouri and the surrounding areas. Electrical panels are a vital part of your home’s functionality and being with a properly working electrical panel could cause major problems. If you’re experiencing electrical panel issues and want quality electrical services, don’t hesitate to contact Chesterfield Service right away.