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A Flexible Solution

The most common HVAC systems are central air conditioners and heat pumps that use ducts to deliver conditioned air throughout a building.

Ductless systems are more flexible than traditional systems because a ductless mini-split system doesn’t rely on ductwork to distribute conditioned air. All that’s needed is a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units, along with access to electricity and a place to mount the units. Ductless systems can be installed in either new or existing construction.

These systems also can act as air conditioners and heating systems. As a cooling system, the heat pump removes heat from indoor air and distributes it to the outdoor unit. As a heating system, outdoor air is compressed and heated refrigerant transfers heat into your indoor air.

More Affordable

Traditional heating and cooling units can run inefficiently for a number of reasons, costing you money in lost energy. The actual units are larger than a ductless system, also costing you more money overall, because they naturally consume more power. Also, conditioned air can be lost through gaps in the ductwork before it ever reaches its intended destination, illustrating yet another example of lost energy for which you also pay.

Ductless systems are smaller than traditional HVAC systems, which means they use less power. In addition, the temperature-controlled air of a ductless system is delivered directly into a room instead of throughout an entire building. This means that you don’t heat or cool rooms that aren’t occupied (Translation: less needed power, less money spent).

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the quality of indoor air is typically lower than that of outdoor air? Ductwork collects dust, allergens, bacteria, as well as many other contaminants. Traditional forced air systems blow air directly through these contaminants and consequently throughout your house.

Ductless systems offer multi-stage filtration that greatly reduces this type of air contamination and creates a healthier indoor environment.

Easy to Install

Ducted systems can take several weeks to install. They interrupt daily life in the home and can take up valuable real estate due to the size of air ducts.

Conversely, installing a ductless system can occur in as little as a day, depending on the number of units required. The pipes required for the systems only require a three-inch hole which makes them easier to integrate into any building.

Personalized Controls

Ductless installation allows for multiple heating and cooling units throughout your whole house. When you finish an attic or add a new addition to your home, it can be very expensive to add new ductwork, and it might also require you to upgrade your furnace or air conditioning system. But if you add a ductless system instead, you don’t need to add any ductwork or buy a new furnace.

Each air handler has its own thermostat so it can be individually controlled. Is your son complaining that his room is too cold? He can adjust the temperature on just his air handler without affecting the rest of the house. Do you have rooms that are unoccupied and you’re tired of wasting money heating and cooling them? You can turn off the mini-split in this area to save money.

Count on Chesterfield Service for Quality Ductless Mini-Split Repairs

You might be apprehensive about investing in a new HVAC system that you’re unfamiliar with. New technology changes quickly and you might be concerned that these heating and air conditioning units might seem good on paper, but once they break down you won’t be able to find anyone who can fix them. Chesterfield Serice’s HVAC technicians are trained to provide quality repair services on ductless heating and cooling systems all throughout the Chesterfield, MO area.

Like any HVAC system, your air handlers can develop issues and will need to be repaired. If you ever notice that your unit is leaking. frozen, or just not working, you can count on Chesterfield Service for help.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance in Chesterfield, MO

The key to keeping your ductless mini-splits working reliably is regular maintenance. These systems are incredibly easy for homeowners to maintain. Unlike an air conditioning unit that’s outside and out of mind, ductless mini splits are located inside your home and will notify you when maintenance is needed. Some maintenance like keeping the unit free of dust and changing air filters can be done yourself. However, it’s a smart idea to have your system inspected twice a year if you use it to both heat and cool your home.

Ductless mini splits rely on heat pumps as their outdoor unit to provide energy to heat and cool your home. Your heat pump will need to be serviced once in the spring and again in the fall to prepare it for the extreme temperatures of the season ahead. If you only use your ductless mini split to keep your sunroom cool in the summer, then you’ll only need to have it serviced once a year. Stay on top of regular maintenance for your entire home by signing up for Chesterfield Service’s Easy Maintenance Club. We can keep your home’s HVAC services, plumbing, appliance, fireplace, and electrical systems running reliably. Call us today to learn more.


As you can see, there are many benefits of having a ductless HVAC system installed, repaired, or maintained in your Chesterfield, MO home. For more information about these systems or to make an appointment to have a ductless system installed, contact the HVAC professionals at Chesterfield Service.