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What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

A power surge takes place when there is an unexpected increase in the voltage that flows into your home. The end result is that your electrical devices could receive more voltage than they can handle, and this can destroy the appliances, HVAC, televisions, lamps and more in your house. Replacing everything can be very expensive, and a surge protector can save money.

A surge protector attempts to protect your home against the risk of a surge increase. If there are internal power surges, then a surge protector will take the extra voltage and direct it into the ground wire, dissipating it harmlessly. This is incredibly important for protecting your electrical devices against unwanted voltages and voltage spikes. A licensed electrician from Chesterfield Service can help you with surge protection.

What Causes a Power Surge?

As alluded to above, an electrical surge takes place when there is an unexpected increase in the voltage throughout your home above a safe threshold. There are a number of possible causes of power surges, both internal and external. A few of the most common causes include: 

  • Lightning Strikes: If there is a lightning strike near your Chesterfield home, some of the voltage could get past into your wiring system, leading to a power surge.
  • Power Outages: When the power is restored after a power outage, the rush of power to your home can cause a power surge. 
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers: If a circuit breaker gets tripped, it may not be able to adequately defend your power line against an increase in voltage. 
  • Short Circuits: Short circuits are one of the most common causes of power surges. More electricity passing through a shorter circuit increases the risks of a power surge. 
  • Large Equipment on One Line: If you have too many devices on the same line drawing a significant amount of power, it could lead to a power surge.
  • Malfunctions Caused by the Power Company: It is also possible that the local power company did not set the system up properly, or there has been an incident that is causing more power to come into your home for some reason. Surges happen often without warning. 
  • Inductive Spikes: If the power supply to an inductor is suddenly changed or removed, this could lead to an inductive spike, causing a power surge in your home. 

Our services are capable of providing exceptional surge protection for every device in your home. Count on our team to protect you against unwanted voltages.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protectors

There are many benefits to having whole house surge protectors. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Protects Expensive Electronics 

You have a lot of expensive electronics, devices, and appliances in your home. If there is a sudden power surge, all of these devices could be fried in a matter of seconds. You need to protect these devices, and a surge protector in your home can help protect your valuable electronics from power surges. 

Defense Against All Kinds of Surges

Another major benefit of working with our team is that we are incredibly versatile. Surges can come from internal and external sources, so it’s best to have protection against both. No matter where the power surge comes from, our surge protectors will step up when you need them the most. Rely on us to help you keep your house and your family safe. 

Electrical Fire Prevention

One of the most overlooked risks of a power surge is an electrical fire. Electrical fires can spread quickly, and it is not unusual for them to spread to every room in the house in a matter of minutes. When we protect your home against electrical surges, it will reduce your chances of  a fire in your house. 

It is important for you to protect your house against an electrical surge, and our professionals are always available to assist you.

Contact Chesterfield Service For Surge Protector Installation

If you are ready to install a surge protector and your home, you need to have an experienced team that will do this properly. At Chesterfield Service, we can do exactly that. We will work with you to make sure our surge protection installation meets your needs. That way, we protect your home against power surges from all possible scenarios. 

If you are ready to give your home the quality protection it deserves, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electrical technicians.