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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

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When is Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Necessary?

Every 12 months is the standard recommendation for tankless water heater maintenance, but some exceptions may make a shorter schedule necessary. Some areas of Chesterfield, for example, have hard water that might cause issues. If you like to keep your temperature extra high, that could also affect maintenance needs. Chesterfield Service can help guide your maintenance schedule and give you advice on when to service your unit.

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Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Because tankless water heaters are a larger investment than traditional water heaters, there’s a great incentive to keep them in good health for as long as possible. Annual maintenance helps optimize performance and allows us to identify potential problems before they become more serious.

Maintenance Check Process

Our technicians follow manufacturer maintenance instructions, which typically consist of four steps:

  • Visual inspection: We check for any issues we can see on the surface, such as cracks or corrosion.
  • Water line filter: The filter stops sediment, hard water, and scale from building up and spreading through your plumbing. We’ll clean or replace the filter to ensure continued protection.
  • Air filter: Many natural gas heaters contain an additional filter between the fan and air intake pipe. Debris like insects and dirt can clog it, causing issues with electrical functions and error messages. Cleaning or replacement is an important part of maintenance.
  • Descale & flush: This is the most complex element of maintenance, in which we pump descaling solution into the water heater and cycle it through the system before flushing it away.

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Why Choose Us?

Chesterfield Service has built a reputation for stellar plumbing services since 1976, thanks to our focus on a qualified team and a great customer experience. We even offer same-day service for your peace of mind. Our licensed, certified, and background-checked technicians will efficiently complete their maintenance checklists so you can return to enjoying your hot water system as soon as possible.

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