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When your system is towards the end of its service life or you are ready to switch from another type of heating or cooling method, our Chesterfield Service professionals are ready to help. Our experienced team at Chesterfield Service are experts in heat pumps and can answer all of your questions and help you decide on the right make and model that will meet your particular needs.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the thousands of reviews happy customers in the Chesterfield community have left us. They praise our quality work as their reliable heating and cooling specialists. Our certified technicians service all kinds of HVAC products including heat pumps. Contact us to upgrade your home comfort system today.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps have a variety of benefits that make them a great heating and cooling system option for your Chesterfield, MO area home. Here are some of the benefits you’ll notice right away after you have a new heat pump installed:

Heating and Cooling In One System

As we mentioned, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling in one unit. They do this by moving thermal energy to, or away from, your home, depending on the season. These systems are efficient cooling systems in the summer, and in the winter can be reversed to provide heat in the winter. A heat pump has both a heating mode for the winter and a cooling mode for the summer.

Energy Efficiency

If you love to save money, then you’ll love the energy efficiency of heat pumps. According to Energy.gov, heat pumps can reduce a home’s electricity use for heating by about 50% compared to other electric heating sources like a furnace or baseboard heaters. Heat pumps also provide superior dehumidification power, which can help save on cooling efficiency in the summer. These are considered especially efficient because you’re getting air conditioning and heat from one appliance instead of two.

Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps rely on electricity to heat and cool the air instead of burning fossil fuels like a furnace. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint when you have a heat pump installed in your home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Because heat pumps do not burn fuel for heating, there is less risk of fumes created by combustion byproducts that can pollute your home’s indoor air quality. When paired with mini-splits, you can create zones in your home to increase comfort and improve indoor air quality even more.

Maintain Your New Heat Pump By Signing Up For The Easy Maintenance Club

In order to get the most out of your new heat pump, you’ll need to have routine maintenance performed annually. If you rely on your heat pump for year-round comfort, then you’ll need to have it inspected twice a year. Once in the fall before you need it to heat your home and again in the spring before the cooling season starts.

If you think you’ll have a hard time remembering to schedule service regularly, the team at Chesterfield Service can help. Join our Easy Maintenance Club and you’ll never forget a maintenance service appointment because we’ll remind you! Members also receive priority service, discounted rates, and included annually scheduled maintenance here in Missouri. You’ll appreciate the quality service you receive from your reliable hometown heating and cooling company.

Flexible Financing Options

At Chesterfield Service, we understand that purchasing heating and cooling systems can be a sudden and costly expense, but we can’t in good conscience let our customers suffer without heat or cool air. That’s why we have financing options with approved credit available, so you can be as comfortable as possible in your home without any wait.

Whether it’s time for a new heat pump or you’re looking for a different heating system like a furnace or boiler, our Chesterfield Service experts want you to get the heating and cooling systems you want when you need them most.


At Chesterfield Service, we are always proud to have the opportunity to serve customers just like you, here in Chesterfield, MO. For any heat pump services in Chesterfield, give our team a call at 636-245-0481 or request service online.