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3 Different Types of Drains We Clean

There are many drains in your home, and regardless of how clogged they are, Chesterfield Service can help drain them. Here are some of the common drains we work on:

Kitchen Drains

It seems like a kitchen drain is a common catch-all, especially if you have a garbage disposal you use frequently. While it might be easy to just pour it all down the drain, some food waste, like grease and scraps, can clog your kitchen drains quickly.

Washing dishes in a backed-up sink can get gross fast and is not very sanitary. Drain cleaning can keep your dishes clean and your pipes clear. Large food particles should go in the trash, not your garbage disposal. Avoid putting egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels, and grease down the drain. 

Bathroom Drains

No one likes standing in a shower that’s filled with water. This can quickly become a slippery situation. Chesterfield Service can clear bathroom drains that are filled with hair, soap scum, and more. If you have a clogged bathroom sink, you need a drain cleaner. Keep an eye on the pipe below to make sure it’s not leaking and causing water damage to your cabinets and floors. 

Floor Drains

Drains in your floor are common in basements and laundry rooms. When your floor drains backup it means there’s a clog in the drain line and not the floor drain. If the main building drain is backed up, but you don’t have a floor drain, the water will back up out of the lowest fixture, which might be a basement shower or sink.

Chesterfield Service offers sewer line camera inspections to determine the cause of your clogged drain.

4 Benefits of Having Your Drains Cleaned

If your home has frequent clogged drains, having a professional drain cleaning service done once a year could save you trouble and money. When everything is draining properly, you’ll notice some of these benefits:

Reduce Blockages

Regular drain cleaning will dramatically reduce the number of blockages you experience in your home. When you reduce the blockages, you keep your pipes healthy and lower the potential for damage to your plumbing system. 

Reduce Smells

Stagnant water can smell terrible, especially if it’s been standing for a while. Backed-up drains can make a whole room smell vile. Clogs attract bacteria that eat away at the clog and start to degrade it, which leads to foul-smelling odors. If you’re noticing awful odors around your home in rooms with drains, call Chesterfield Service to have your drains cleared right away. 

Prevent Leaks

As clogs grow, they stop other items from passing through, and the clog grows bigger and bigger. A drain with a large clog could damage your pipes, which can cause leaks.

One little drip might not seem like much, but if that drip is left alone for too long, it can cause extensive water damage. Monitor all your clogged drains for leaking pipes below. 

Save Money

When your drains, whether they’re in the sink, tub, or shower, start to drain slowly, there’s something blocking the flow. Don’t use Draino or other types of drain cleaners because they contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and create a larger problem. 

Paying for drain cleaning service will be well worth the investment and a much more reasonable plumbing bill than if you call for emergency services because of a busted drain pipe.

Fixing a broken drain pipe can result in a much higher bill, not to mention repairing any water damage caused by a burst pipe. Drain cleaning is a proactive way to keep clogs from getting worse.


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