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Electrical Repair

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Electrical Repair Services

Our licensed Chesterfield Service electricians must learn the proper training and equipment to join our team. They can handle a variety of electrical inspections and repairs in Chesterfield, MO. Trust our reliable electricians to resolve frequent electrical problems such as:

Electrical Outlet Replacement

It’s important to have outlets that connect snuggly to your appliances or technology. If you have outlets that loosely hold plugs, this could lead to arching electricity that can start fires. We can replace these outlets or add more outlets around your home. 

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Problems with your circuit breaker are a serious safety issue. Our electricians serve a variety of residential clients. This is one of our most common electrical services. 

Wire Replacement

We can handle all your lighting needs, including wire replacement. If you have an older home with aluminum wiring, your entire home should be upgraded to a more modern wiring material to help improve energy efficiency and prevent house fires. 

Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse boxes are a sign of an outdated electrical system. We can replace your fuse box with a modern electrical panel with circuit breakers and surge protection to prevent future issues that could endanger your home and loved ones. 

Electrical Code Updates

One of the most common electrical problems we deal with involves electrical code upgrades. If you have an older home, you may need to bring the house up to code. Our professional team can handle this for you. 


A whole-house generator is a great asset during a power outage, but these systems also need to be maintained and repaired now and again. Our team can provide generator services in Chesterfield, MO.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical System

There are many benefits to upgrading your electrical system, including: 

Can Use Appliances Reliably 

If your appliances aren’t getting enough power, upgrading your electrical system will help them perform much better. 

Fire Safety

Many home fires start from electrical issues. Older homes are especially more likely to have outdated electrical systems that can cause fires. An electrician from our team can inspect your home and let you know what potential fire hazards are in your walls. 

Lower Electricity Bills

If you want to reduce your monthly electricity bills, you need to upgrade your electrical system. We can make it more efficient. Better electrical efficiency means you don’t need as much electricity to power your home, resulting in lower electrical bills. 

Add New Appliances Without Worry

Sometimes, new appliances aren’t compatible with electrical wiring in an older home. If you have an older home, and you notice your newer appliances aren’t working well, you may need to upgrade your system.

More Working Outlets

If you have outlets that don’t work, or you don’t have enough outlets around your house, call Chesterfield Service. We can take a look at the outlets in your home, upgrade them, and add more if you need them. We can also make sure they’re properly grounded, which is a key safety issue.

Contact Chesterfield Service for Your Electrical Repairs

At Chesterfield Service, we have a team of reliable, licensed, local electricians who are always available to help you. We’re members of the greater Chesterfield area, and we love to help our friends and neighbors in any way we can.

Our electricians can help resolve many home electrical problems. If you need electrical repairs in Chesterfield, MO, contact us to schedule an appointment.