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Tankless Water Heater Replacement

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Tankless Water Heater

Is it time to upgrade to a newer and more energy-efficient system? Like all major household appliances, tankless water heaters have a projected system lifespan. For most, this is 20 years. If your system is approaching or has exceeded its manufacturer’s suggested lifespan, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Here are a few benefits of upgrading to a newer system:

  • Energy efficiency: Newer systems provide more energy efficiency, reducing operating costs and leading to greater savings.
  • Consistent hot water supply: Older systems suffer fluctuations or limitations, while newer systems ensure consistent and reliable hot water.
  • Enhanced performance: Newer tankless water heaters often have advanced technology and improved performance, leading to better functionality.
  • Improved safety features: New tankless water heaters often have advanced safety features, such as automatic shutoff mechanisms and temperature controls, reducing the risk of accidents and malfunctions.

Replacing your tankless water heater ensures consistent hot water availability, contributes to lower energy costs, and reduces your carbon footprint. Don’t wait until your system fails — we offer free replacement estimates to help you make an informed choice for your hot water needs.

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Repair Vs. Replacement

Knowing when to repair or replace your system is an important part of maintaining an efficient and comfortable environment. The decision to repair or replace your tankless water heater depends on factors such as the extent of damage, the age of the system, repair costs, and long-term energy efficiency goals.

Here’s a guide to help you determine whether you need tankless water heater repair or replacement.

You may need repairs if:

  • Your system has minor issues that can be resolved, such as a faulty pressure relief valve or a minor electrical problem.
  • Your system is relatively new and has been properly maintained.
  • Your system is still under manufacturer warranty.

You may need a system replacement if:

  • Your system frequently breaks down.
  • Your system has reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Your system has significant damage to major components.
  • Your household water requirements have changed, and you need an updated system.
  • Your system is no longer operating efficiently.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional for your tankless water heater replacement ensures a seamless and reliable upgrade. It also ensures that all unexpected issues and potential challenges are expertly resolved. When you enlist the services of a trusted professional, we accurately assess your home water requirements, recommend the ideal tankless system, and ensure proper installation according to industry standards.

Risks of DIYing your tankless installation include:

  • Serious safety risks, including electrical shocks, gas leaks, and fire hazards
  • Improper sizing, leading to inadequate hot water supply or system overload
  • Incorrect installation, resulting in leaks, water damage, and system malfunction
  • DIY installation may void the warranty, leaving you responsible for repair or replacement costs

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Why Choose Us?

Invest in comfort, convenience, and reliability when you choose Chesterfield Service for your tankless water heater replacement in Chesterfield, MO. Our experts prioritize your needs, from initial consultation to final installation, with a commitment to excellence, quality work, and customer satisfaction at every stage.

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