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How Often Should a Toilet Be Replaced?

Toilets are often taken for granted. These workhorses flush away all of our waste without requiring frequent maintenance. When a toilet starts being uncooperative with frequent clogs, wobbles, and leaks, that’s when you should start considering a toilet replacement. While it may seem like toilets last forever, they do need to be upgraded now and again. The experienced and licensed plumbers at Chesterfield Service explain the common signs that it’s time to replace your toilet, the benefits of upgrading your toilet, and a few considerations to make for your new porcelain throne.

How Long Do Toilets Last?

On average, a toilet should last 10-20 years. This can vary depending on a variety of factors like frequency of use, quality of the toilet, and maintenance. It’s always a good idea to keep both the inside and outside of your toilet clean, as well as monitor for any cracks in the tank or bowl. Only flush appropriate items down the toilet, and use a plunger when you have a clog. If you have a running toilet, this can cause a lot of water waste and can cause a spike in your water bill. You can replace the guts in the toilet which include the flapper, fill valve, and flush valve to help keep your toilet lasting as long as possible.

Warning Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

Over time, your toilet can develop a variety of issues that should be addressed promptly. However, at some point, enough will be enough, and you’ll want to get a new toilet. Some common signs it’s time to replace your toilet are:

  • Wobbly Toilet – If your toilet wobbles when you sit on it, this often indicates that the screws holding it in place to the floor beneath are broken. Sometimes you can replace the bolts yourself, but if the wobbles persist, then replace the toilet.
  • Frequent Clogs – As toilets age, they are prone to clogging and often need more frequent repairs. Save money by investing in a new toilet instead of continuing to pump your hard-earned money into repairs.
  • Cracks or Leaks – If you notice water pooling around your toilet, it’s likely there is a crack or a leak somewhere. These cracks can be invisible, which makes them especially hard to find. You can perform a dye test to find where the leaks are coming from. Cracks and leaks are wasteful and cause spikes in your water bills. It is often very difficult to repair cracks and leaks, so replacing the toilet is usually the best option.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Toilet

There are more benefits to toilet replacement than meets the eye. Many new toilets are much more water efficient, meaning they use less water per flush to help you save on your water bill. Some models come with a dual-flush feature, which allows the user to choose between a full flush for solid waste or a partial flush for liquid waste, which can also help you conserve water.

Newer models are designed with smoother surfaces and advanced flushing technology which can make them easier to keep clean. A great time to get rid of older toilets is when you’re renovating bathrooms. A new toilet can match your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and can provide additional home value when you consider selling your home.

New toilets also come in a variety of shapes and heights, making the most popular seat in the house more comfortable and accessible to aging or disabled family members. Some other features to consider are seats that can close by themselves as well as heated seats.

Things To Consider When Buying A New Toilet

When it’s time to replace the toilet in your bathroom, it’s important to consider a few features. With more variety in size and shape, you’ll want to make sure your toilet will fit comfortably in your bathroom. You may also consider the water usage of your toilet replacement. There are many ways toilets can conserve water these days. You can choose from a low-flush toilet, a dual flush, or a full flush.

Built-in bidets are becoming increasingly popular. Bidets are more hygienic than using toilet paper and are more environmentally friendly because they reduce the amount of toilet paper used to help save trees. Consider your budget, though, as the more features a toilet replacement has, the higher the price.


Chesterfield Service Can Help with Bathroom Fixture Installation

The team at Chesterfield Service can provide a variety of services for your entire plumbing system including your toilet. Call us if your toilet is experiencing constant clogging problems or tank leaks. We can let you know when it’s time for a toilet replacement and can install a new toilet in your bathroom for you. Schedule an appointment with Chesterfield Service today to see how we can help meet your plumbing needs.