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How Gas Logs Work

Gas fireplace logs are ceramic or refractory logs that sit atop a burner. Replacing gas logs in your fireplace is more than swapping out one set of ceramic logs for another. Gas logs are made up of several different components including:

  • The Burner – This delivers the gas to the logs and ignites them
  • Control Valve – Regulates the flow of gas to the burner
  • Ignition System – Includes a pilot light or electronic ignition which ignites the gas.

When the gas is turned on to the gas fireplace, the gas flows through the burner. The amount of gas, or how big of a flame you want is controlled by the control valve. The ignition system lights the gas and the burner sets the gas logs aflame. The ceramic or refractory logs heat up and their heat radiates into the room. Some gas log sets also include a blower or fan to distribute heat more evenly.

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Current Gas Logs

Now that you understand that there are more components to gas logs than meets the eye, you can see how different pieces of equipment could malfunction and cause a need for the gas log set to be replaced. Some common signs you should replace your gas logs are:

Low Heat

A faulty burner or control valve could cause low heat or a low flame. 


If you notice that your gas logs are cracked or chipped, they may not heat up properly. Damaged gas logs can also be a safety hazard, so if you notice any damage, replace them quickly. 

Odor or Soot

Noticing odors around gas appliances is something you should never ignore. Besides a gas leak, a smell could also indicate incomplete combustion, which is also commonly accompanied by soot. Do not use your gas fireplace until these issues have been addressed. 


If your gas fireplace isn’t warming you up like it used to, it could be because your gas logs are older and are no longer efficient. A new set may help you save on your gas bills. 


Gas logs tend to last around 10 years. If yours are older than that, having new gas logs installed could help improve your efficiency. 


If you’re looking to update the look of your fireplace, replacing your gas logs is an affordable way to do so. 

Trust Chesterfield Service for a Variety of Fireplace Services

Chesterfield Service is proud to offer a variety of gas fireplace services for your Chesterfield, MO home. If the issues with your gas fireplace extend further than your gas logs, we can help with quality gas fireplace repairs. We can also make it even easier to start a fire in your fireplace by adding remote ignition installation. 

Don’t have a gas fireplace, but really want one? We can help with that too. We also offer gas fireplace installation and replacement services. Talk to Chesterfield Service to see which of our gas fireplace services would help you best. 

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