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How Does a Fireplace Remote Ignition Work?

Remote ignitions work by using a battery-powered transmitter to send a signal to a receiver in the fireplace. This signal activates the solenoid valve that releases gas into the burners. A spark is lit that starts the gas which creates the flame. When you’re done with the fire, simply hit the switch, and the fire is extinguished. 

There are commonly two types of remote ignition systems. Homeowners can choose between wall switches that are installed near the fireplace or hand-held remote controls that can be used anywhere in the room. Some remote controls provide additional buttons that allow you to adjust the flame height, or even set a timer on the fireplace. Some remotes even allow you to set a desired temperature for the room that you want the fireplace to reach. Some systems will adjust the flame automatically to reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible. Of course, additional remote control features depend on your budget and current system compatibility. An experienced fireplace technician from Chesterfield Service can help you find the best options available for you. 

Benefits of Remote Ignitions

Many people choose to have remote ignitions installed in their gas fireplaces because they want the added convenience of turning the fireplace on without leaving the sofa. This can be particularly helpful on cold nights when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed or couch.

But one benefit many people don’t realize is that remote ignitions are also safer than manual ignitions. With a manual ignition, there is a risk of a gas leak or other potential hazards. A remote ignition eliminates the need for lighters and matches. Many customers choose remote ignitions for their fireplaces because they have children and they don’t want them to have an issue with the fireplace and a remote ignition makes it easy. 

Does it Take Long to Install a Remote Ignition?

Most remote ignition installations take only a few hours but can vary based on the complexity of your fireplace and the type of system you choose. Our fireplace specialists at Chesterfield Service make any fireplace service you need a smooth and easygoing experience. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your fireplace. 

Chesterfield Service is proud to offer a variety of gas fireplace services for your Chesterfield, MO home. Not only can we install remote ignitions, but we can also install gas logs and brand-new gas fireplaces. Talk to us about replacing your current fireplace or having one installed in your home. 

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