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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

When you come home to find your house sweltering and no cool air, your first tendency may be to panic. No cool air from your air conditioner means that it’s dead, right? Not necessarily. There are lots of reasons why your system can’t maintain a cool home. That doesn’t mean that your air conditioner’s life is over. The team at Chesterfield Service would only advise you to get a new air conditioner if:

  • Your System is Over 10 years Old: Air conditioning systems tend to last 15-20 years. Around 10 years is when most manufacturer’s warranties run out and repairs from here on out will be more expensive.
  • You’ve Needed Lots of Repairs in the Past: Needing an air conditioning repair once a season is fairly normal. However, if you’ve been calling for help on your cooling system three, four, or even five times this summer, it might be in your best interest to replace the system.
  • The Repairs Cost More Than the Replacement: An HVAC service technician will be able to give you an estimate of the work needed to repair your cooling system. However, if a major component breaks it might be more expensive to repair your system than to  replace it. 
  • Lack of Maintenance: When was the last time your air conditioner was serviced? If it’s been many years and your system is breaking down frequently, a lack of maintenance could be the reason. 


Important Factors to Consider When You’re in the Market for a New Central Air Conditioning System

When shopping for a new air conditioning system, you might be surprised at all the factors that go into finding a quality system for your home. Chesterfield Service explains what these factors are. 


Before you set out to buy a new AC unit, figure out what your budget should be. The amount you’re willing to spend will determine the features of the unit you can afford. 

SEER Rating

One of the first factors you should consider when looking for a new air conditioner is the SEER rating. This is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating of the unit. The higher the SEER rating, the better the less energy it will use, but often the more expensive it will be. 

Proper AC Sizing for Your HVAC System

You also need to think about the size of your home when purchasing a new air conditioner. You want it to be large enough to cool all of the rooms, but you don’t want it to be too big because it can create hot spots or inconsistent cooling throughout the home. We can perform a Manual J calculation to determine the right size AC for your home.

Noise Levels

You should also think about the noise level of the air conditioner. You don’t want it to be so loud that it distracts you from what you are working on or keeps you up at night. We recommend a decibel level of 50 to 60 for new air conditioners.

Time of Year

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. In the summer is when demand for air conditioners is very high, so prices are also high. When your air conditioner isn’t working and it’s going to take a few days before the new unit can be installed, it is not a great time to be without a cooling system. Take advantage of lower demand and comfortable temperatures by shopping for air conditioners in the fall or spring. This way, if you’re without air conditioning, you’ll be much more comfortable without a working unit for a few days. 

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Will Help it Last As Long As Possible

Many people are often surprised when their air conditioning system stops working, however, there are often signs that this could be avoided. Whenever your air conditioner seems particularly noisy, is emitting odd smells through your home, or just not performing as well as it used to, call Chesterfield Service for AC repairs. The sooner you repair your air conditioner, the more likely your repair bills will be affordable, and you won’t suddenly find yourself without working cooling equipment.

Many customers ask us if there is a way to avoid needing air conditioning repairs. Yes! Regular maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner working properly throughout the summer. Schedule an appointment with Chesterfield Service in the spring. If you’re worried you’ll forget to make an appointment when the time comes, join our Easy Maintenance Club. We’ll call you to make arrangements to inspect your system, so you never miss an appointment. Sign up today!

Chesterfield Services Makes A New Cooling System Affordable with Financing and Discounts

We understand that purchasing a new air conditioner can be expensive. At Chesterfield Service, we are proud to offer flexible financing options through GreenSky and Wells Fargo that can make this more affordable. We can help you break up your air conditioner price into small, affordable monthly payments. That way, you don’t have to wait to enjoy the cool air in your home.

When you work with Chesterfield Service, not only can we help you with financing, but we can help you with discounts and help you navigate through incentives and tax breaks. There are new government programs now that customers can take advantage of to make a new energy-efficient system more affordable. Our team is happy to help you get the best deal available on a new air conditioner. Talk to us today.

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If you want to chill this summer, and we mean really chill, inside your cooler home, then it’s time to upgrade your air conditioning system. Talk to Chesterfield Service today to get an estimate on air conditioning installation services in St. Peters, MO.