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HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Services in Kirkwood, MO

Since 1976, Chesterfield Service has provided residents in Kirkwood, MO, with professional HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance, and Gas Fireplace services. From equipment installation to routine maintenance, our technicians are highly knowledgeable in an array of home service areas, including:

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Gas Fireplaces

Chesterfield Service is your one-stop shop to keep your home safe and comfortable. Contact our specialists in greater St. Louis County today.


If you live in Kirkwood, MO, you’ve experienced the extremes of every season throughout the year. You know your home’s heating systems have to be ready to handle even the toughest Midwest winters. That’s why our team members are experts in furnace repair and maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures Kirkwood homes have adequate heating, and will also catch issues before they become unmanageable.

But if your heating equipment is past the point of repair or you need a brand new system, our qualified technicians are also highly skilled at installing and replacing the following heating systems.


Don’t let an out-of-order boiler get in the way of a happy winter in your home. Call Chesterfield Service’s team of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals for new boiler installation and get peace of mind that your home won’t just be heated this winter, but for up to the next 20 years.


Home-heating technology has steadily improved over the last 10 years. The standard efficiency furnace currently installed in most Kirkwood heating systems is quickly becoming obsolete. New gas heaters are more compact and offer expanded functions, including making instant hot water, warming radiant floors, and feeding radiator systems.

New furnace models can also save you money on your gas bill. For instance, a condensing furnace can utilize standard PVC pipe instead of expensive double-wall flue pipes to cut costs and increase efficiency. To ensure you maintain the optimal climate in your home this winter, contact our heating team to install a furnace that fits your unique needs.

Don’t let an easy fix turn into a heating headache. Request Chesterfield Service’s heating system maintenance, repair, and installation online today.


In 1993, only 68 percent of homes in the United States had air conditioning. By 2017 that number had jumped to 90 percent. Today, an air conditioning system is a standard appliance that is as essential to most families as a car or a phone.

While most people prioritize maintenance for these items — like oil changes for their car and software updates for their phone — they forget about a standard air conditioning service such as routine maintenance. Sign up for a maintenance agreement with Chesterfield Service today and receive 2 tune-ups per year to keep your system running smoothly.

In the event that repairs aren’t enough to salvage your air conditioning unit, Chesterfield Service also offers personalized AC system installations and replacements. Our team will help you choose the most high-efficiency air conditioner on the market. In preparation for a country-wide ban on the most common small AC unit, the R-22, in 2010, we had already switched our preferred replacement model to the R-410A.

Our experienced technicians are leaders in the industry when it comes to installing your new R-410A air conditioning unit in a timely and conscientious manner. Contact Chesterfield Service online for air conditioning services in Kirkwood, MO, today.

Heat Pumps

In Kirkwood, MO, the most common heating and cooling issue we address involves our high-quality heat pump services. From upkeep to installation, one of the biggest problems homeowners face is finding the right heat pump system for their heating and cooling needs at a reasonable price. There are a variety of high-efficiency heat pumps and several different kinds of thermostats to create a very energy-conservative home. Our personable experts can help you make an informed decision on which heat pump unit is perfect for you.

Geothermal Heating Systems

For homeowners looking to save money on their energy bills and spend less time worrying about HVAC services, geothermal heating systems are a modern option to replace their existing systems. The US Department of Energy (DOE) reports that geothermal systems use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than standard heating and air units. Additionally, geothermal heating and cooling units often last 20 years or more versus 10 to 15 years for typical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The key to getting the most out of any new equipment is proper installation. That’s why it’s important to work with licensed contractors who have specific experience in geothermal heat pumps as we do at Chesterfield Service.

Ductless Mini Splits

Every homeowner can think of one area of their home that feels slightly too hot or too cold to be comfortable. This space might be your man cave, new sunroom, or even the guest suite. Enjoy every room in Kirkwood home throughout every season with help from a ductless mini split. These units can provide customized climate control among family members or provide climate control in spaces that aren’t equipped with air ducts. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable in ductless systems and can help you determine the best application and size for your space.

Zone Controlled Systems

In recent years, personal energy consumption has become a hot topic across the country. In Kirkwood, many energy-conscious homeowners try to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing consumption at home. But strategies such as managing your thermostat or regularly altering room vents can be inconvenient and ineffective. Zone control systems offer a convenient solution that connects to your existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. When installed by our team of experts, a zone control system can easily lower energy consumption in your home.


Workplace studies show that many factors contribute to the satisfaction and productivity of your employees. A climate-controlled work environment with proper heating and air conditioning systems is certainly near the top of the list.

By working with a professional heating and cooling company such as Chesterfield Service which specializes in commercial applications, you’ll be ensuring a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your staff, customers, and business stakeholders. Request the following commercial HVAC services in Kirkwood, MO, online today.

Commercial Cooling Services

  • Cooling Installation or Replacement
  • Cooling Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Commercial Heating Service

  • Heating Installation or Replacement
  • Heating Maintenance
  • Heating Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Services


Do you find yourself feeling tired all the time? Are you suffering from allergies, asthma, or constant respiratory distress? Although these things can originate from many different sources, poor indoor air quality is a possibility. Our team at Chesterfield Service wants to help Kirkwood, MO, residents ensure they have the healthiest and most comfortable air in their homes.

The first step in our process is to come out and test the air quality in your home. If we find any issues, our technicians can provide a combination of remediation services from the following list to optimize your air quality.

Air Ducts

Our team will repair cracks, leaks, and worn-down duct seals that have formed in your air ducts over time. If your home needs new ductwork installed, our team will utilize only the highest-quality materials.

Air Purifiers

An experienced technician can install an air purifier directly into the ductwork of your HVAC system to eliminate pollutants in your air.

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Whether the air in your home is too dry or too moist, our skilled professionals can implement whole-house humidifiers or dehumidifiers to improve your indoor air quality. These whole-house solutions can decrease the risk of mold growth and damage to the interior of your home.

UV Lights

We also offer ultraviolet (UV) light systems options that protect your home from germs and impurities in the air.

Call our team at Chesterfield Service today at 636-206-3717. Get more information about how to breathe better in your home and request indoor air quality service online today.


A good plumbing system is a key component in a reliable, smoothly operating home. Without it, all kinds of problems can develop. From minor inconveniences like a leaky sink or a clogged toilet to minor emergencies such as a ruptured sewer line, faulty plumbing can quickly cause havoc in your home.

Our team at Chesterfield Service knows you do not want to waste your valuable time fixing messy issues, and our Kirkwood-based plumbers are dedicated to helping you address these problems in a timely and efficient manner. Besides offering exemplary plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services, our technicians are high-skilled in an array of plumbing solutions, including:

  • Drain Services
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Sump Pumps
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Quality Systems

Our friendly professionals are eager to help install, expand, or repair a plumbing system for you. We’re trained in finding solutions for your unique plumbing system. Whether you need help with a clogged sink or a complete system overhaul, call Chesterfield Service at 636-206-3717. Our team is waiting and ready to help you. Request plumbing service online today.


Don’t let an electrical issue or outage in your Kirkwood, MO home ruin your day. At Chesterfield Service, we deliver comprehensive electrical services from equipment installation and repairs to system upgrades.

Our team believes that a solid foundation is the key to system-wide success. When it comes to your home’s electrical system, the electrical panel or circuit breaker is your electricity hub. That’s why we offer electrical panel services that will repair or replace your panel to guarantee electricity travels safely to the right destination.

Another aspect of your home that plays a role in your electrical system is smoke detectors. These small, life-saving devices need to be just as reliable as any other electrical equipment you use every day. Chesterfield Service specializes in smoke detector installation and maintenance to protect what matters most in the event of a fire.

When it comes to electrical systems, there are other unfortunate disasters that can affect your equipment and your home. Power surges from lightning strikes or short circuits can damage your appliances and electronics, while power outages knock out access to electricity completely. Our high-quality licensed electricians can install whole-house surge protectors and whole-house generators to safeguard your possession and power your home in the event of an emergency.

Contact Chesterfield Service online today for electrical solutions in Kirkwood, MO.


When your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are running smoothly thanks to our experts at Chesterfield Service, you can focus on enjoying your home. But sometimes, smaller issues pop up unexpectedly that can affect your day-to-day duties at home just as much as an HVAC issue. For instance, maybe your refrigerator isn’t staying cool or your dishwasher leaks every cycle.

You’ll lose valuable time and energy trying to fix it yourself or looking for additional appliance technicians. Luckily, Chesterfield Service has a reputation for success in all home service solutions, including appliance maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are qualified to perform the following appliance services:

  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Microwave Repair
  • Range Hood and Downdraft Repair
  • Oven, Range, & Stove Repair
  • Refrigerator Repair
  • Washer & Dryer Repair

Request Chesterfield Service’s appliance solutions in Kirkwood, MO, online today.


For decades, fireplaces have evoked a sense of warmth and created a welcoming atmosphere in Kirkwood, MO, homes. But choosing and maintaining a fireplace in your home can quickly take away from the comfort and enjoyment it should be providing. The qualified professionals at Chesterfield Service are here to take the burden of gas fireplace installation and maintenance off of your shoulders.

While a gas fireplace is a cleaner and more user-friendly alternative to wood-burning fireplaces, installation requires a trained professional. Our team will ensure that all building codes and manufacturer’s recommendations are met when we install your new gas fireplace and gas lines.

A gas fireplace is an amenity you can enjoy for many years to come. To increase the efficiency and lifetime of your gas fireplace, our experts will perform in-depth maintenance and inspections on your equipment every 1-3 years. We also check your carbon monoxide detector, install gas logs and remote ignitions, and replace gas fireplaces for more modern units every 10-15 years.

Contact Chesterfield Service for all of your home services needs in Kirkwood, MO

Chesterfield Service is locally owned and operated by caring, competent technicians who specialize in heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, plumbing, electrical, appliance, and gas fireplace services. We’ve developed customized and lasting solutions for residents in Kirkwood for more than 40 years. Contact the team at Chesterfield Service at 636-245-0481 for more information or request any of our repair, maintenance, or installation services online today.