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Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair IN Kirkwood, MO

Besides short cycling, there are many other common signs that your air conditioning system needs to be repaired. Here are some of the calls we get for air conditioning repairs every day:

No Cool Air

Coming home to a hot and humid house to find that your air conditioner isn’t working properly can cause panic. If this happens to you, check the thermostat to make sure it is receiving power. Check the electrical panel to see if the breaker for the AC has been tripped. Many times, resetting the breaker to the thermostat or air conditioner will restore power to either system.  Also, check the air filter to see if it is clogged. Change the air filter if needed. If none of these solutions are working to restore air in your home, call Chesterfield Service for help. 

Poor Airflow

Your air conditioning unit should be able to blow out air evenly throughout your home. If you put your hand on the vents in your home and the air appears to be weak, this can indicate a serious issue. AC repairs can make your home comfortable again.

Strange Noises

When your ac unit is running properly, it shouldn’t emit a noise that’s louder than a hum. You may hear a noise when your air conditioner kicks on and turns off, but these noises are normal. Unfortunately, clanking or grinding noises are not normal. They could indicate parts within your air conditioning unit are loose. A faulty fan or blower unit can all be to blame. You should reach out to an HVAC service technician right away so they can properly diagnose the issue.

Strange Smells

Musty or moldy smells coming from your vents when your air conditioner is running could indicate there is bacteria build-up in your HVAC system. This is not only hazardous for your home’s indoor air quality, but it can also pose a threat to your family’s health.

Rising Energy Bills

A sudden spike in energy bills is the most common sign that you need air conditioning repairs. When your system short cycles, it still is using a lot of energy to power your air conditioner without cooling your home. When you let issues go on for too long, the higher your energy bills will be. Keep your bills in control with timely repairs and maintenance for your air conditioner. 

Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

Even extreme issues like no cool air can make you think that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. That is not always the case. Often a repair is all you need to get your air conditioner working again. However, it’s important to consider a few factors when wondering if you need a new air conditioner. 

You Should Consider Air Conditioner Replacement If…

  • Your System is Over 10-15 Years Old
  • Your AC Unit Has Needed Multiple Repairs Recently
  • The Repairs Needed Cost More Than A New AC Unit
  • Maintenance Has Been Skipped For Many Years

You Should Consider Air Conditioning Repairs If…

  • Your System is Under 10-15 Years Of Age
  • You Haven’t Needed Repairs Recently
  • The Repairs Needed For Your System Are Relatively Affordable
  • You’ve Kept Up With Regular Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning System

Benefits of Air Conditioning Repair with Chesterfield Service

Many Kirkwood, MO homeowners put off air conditioning repairs because they are worried about the cost of the repair bills. Many times, however, repairs are often worth it. 


Repairing your air conditioner is often less expensive than replacing your entire unit. You will also notice energy savings as repairing your unit will improve its efficiency. Keeping your air conditioning unit in a state of disrepair can result in high energy bills for many months. The sooner you have repairs done, the sooner you’ll restore your system to its peak performance, saving you money. 

Extend the Life of Unit

By initiating repairs sooner rather than later, you’ll ensure your AC unit is not working harder than it needs to.  Schedule service when you notice an issue to help maintain your system’s lifespan. 

Better Comfort

Perhaps the best benefit of getting help for air conditioning repairs is the added comfort to your home. You won’t have to be stuck in a hot home all summer long. Being without air conditioning on a hot day is considered an emergency because this can cause issues such as dehydration and heatstroke. Call Chesterfield Service right away for emergency air conditioning repairs.

Call Chesterfield Service to Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs Today

Don’t let sub-par performance from your air conditioner ruin your summer. If your home is sticky and uncomfortable, talk to the team at Chesterfield Service. We can provide quality air conditioning services such as installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep your home cool and pleasant. Schedule service for your Kirkwood, MO area home and call Chesterfield Service today.